Pranavam's path

Pranavam-Sacred Knowledge-in-Dubai

Recommendations to those taking the Path of Dance:


Never lose the consciousness of the beginner.
Whatever you do, get fully involved
Try to understand why you came here.

Stuntman Mike

  • Look for the truth, filled with the spirit of the seeker of truth that flows like water.
  • Do not expect immediate results, focus on the practice of the movement.
  • Learn to get joy from fighting.
  • Be true to yourself. Learn yourself. Become a real master
  • Let your spirit be like the horse rushing ahead
  • Take a step forward. And then another one. Learn a new skill.
  • Do something, and learn from this.
  • Fill the movement with force.
  • Acquire a good habit.
  • Keep attention not to lose the Way. Do it again.
  • Concentrate on your actions until they become unconscious.
  • Learn to coordinate your rhythm with other rhythms.
  • Benefit from failures. Be like the tree reaching up toward the light.
  • Pay all your attention to the current task.
  • Understand why you are dancing.
  • Do what you must, and when should.
  • Always do a little more than required.
  • Never stop. Focus your consciousness.
  • Go from stage to stage, avoid staying at the same level
  • Go ahead with the speed that is most convenient for you.
  • Compete with yourself. Your only opponent is within you.
  • Learn to feel when to increase the speed and when it should be reduced.
  • Learn to act quickly, but don`t be in a hurry
  • Do not take each hand separately.
  • Avoid suspiciousness. Rely on the body and muscles on their memory.
  • Avoid grimaces and smile.
  • Doing, even when it seems that the crumbling of the whole world.
  • Demonstrate great taste.
  • Repeat: "It is great that I am alive."
  • Go ahead. Do not stop or turn.
  • Build, not destroy. Be aware that sometimes to build you have to destroy.
  • Learn to dance in the team. Surround yourself with people of strong character.
  • Learn how to get along with people.
  •  Don`t  run after two hares.
  • Do not put a goal to be the best dancer. Just be better. Realize the deeper meaning of dance that you perform. This will help you to learn more and more.
  • Practice  until your dance is clean, like a bird singing in the wild forest.
  • Moderate self-esteemation. Remember, the most dangerous thing is to underestimate your power. That might lead you away from the right path.
  • Enjoy critics  as well as praise. Don't think you reached the top.
  • Act natural. If you know that you behave naturally, al will see itl.
  • Put in the soul to the maximum level.
  • Give importance to small things and learn to look broadly at things.
  • Cross out unnecessary movements. I repeat: cross out unnecessary movements.
  • Draw through dance. Demonstrate your ability to apply light strokes.
  • Remember and feel the "Yin" and "Yang".
  • Go ahead and do not be afraid.
  • Be in harmony with others.
  • Realize and feel the center of balance.
  • After hearing the truth, admit it.
  • Get rid of teachers who cheat their students.
  • Try to do everything in the best possible wai at once.
  • Maybe you will not have the second chance.
  • Continue to go forward.
  • Don't stop, even when you've crossed the limit. Not everything, not everything.
  • Give your dance without asking anything in return.
  • Change Live as people. Be responsible. Give with no expectation of reward.  When others give you, express sincere gratitude.
  • Demonstrate your power through compassion.
  • Do not impose your way of life to others
  • Save only those who need it.
  • Try to turn chaos into harmony.
  • Learn from those who are ahead, support those who are behind.
  • Combine beauty, and goodness.
  • Owning nothing, light all around.