Pranavam's Cooperation

Pranavam-Indian Art Cooperation-in-Dubai

You can't foresee everything that will begin
once you assemble the group.
Nobody can do it
It all starts when you all begin to work together.

Jimmy Page

"Each of us in this Way goes on his way. But we often find our Way ... through cooperation. Those who go through our training, must learn ..." To work in a group, to rely on others and to let others rely on you, to subordinate personal interests to the interests of the group. This all can be applied to any sphere of our life. A famous jazz performer once said that every true musician can get on with with anyone, but not everyone can get on with with the musician. If you always look for harmony you will never lose your way.
Collaborating and working with others, we learn to adjust our natural rhythm, to the rhythms of the people around us. So we will be able to find a common rhythm. When you are with someone you work, remember three things: company, vision and emotional particularities.

Surround yourself with people, communicating and working with which gives you pleasure. They should be professionals, competent, striving for perfection and loving their job. You can learn a lot from them, and your joint work will bring wonderful results. Get rid of people who are trying to improve their self-esteem, diminishing your work. Beware of sycophants who will praise you to hide their own mediocrity. And those and others care about their position in the society more than about work. If there is a person who is incompetent, indifferent or lacks professional skills or doesn`t care about his input in the result be aware it`s you who will suffer at the end

If the person with whom you are working, unlike you, has a clear vision in which direction to move, listen to his advice. If you, unlike the people you work with, have a clear vision which direction is constant moving, talk to them, describe their point of view. If no one has this vision, come together and develop it before you take up a new job or, at least, before your work comes to an end. Otherwise, the result of your work will be mediocre, and everyone will regret the wasted time. If several people in the group have a clear vision of how it should work, but their points of view diverge, it is necessary to find a compromise. You need to distinguish conflicts that occur because of differences in views and disputes, which only aim is to entertain the self-esteem of the arguing people. If you are looking for a compromise, you have to make sacrifices. When the work comes to an end you will appreciate its value. However, it will not do you any good when there are too many different opinions.

Paraphrasing a famous proverb it` s possible to say seven producers will have cacophony instead of music.