What Is Brain Gym About?

Brain Gym In Dubai

Teachers and parents are looking increasingly to resort to methods and techniques in Indian CBSE schools in Sharjah that can improve brain function in students, while not only making learning more enjoyable but also more efficient, in terms of the materials absorbed.

A popular technique propounded and fairly popular in Britain in recent times is the Brain Gym. The general purpose of the activities part of its sequence is to enhance academic performances through the use of techniques the entity claims improve brain function.

Brain Gym International

The brain gym techniques and exercises were crafted by brain gym international, which seeks to optimize learning not only for students, but for people of all ages, and makes use of instructors and physical movement patterns for better brain performance.

The techniques and curricula produced by the organization has been used in dozens of countries all over the world and translated in many languages, which is a solid testament to its popularity.

Aims And Objectives

The program aims to improve the flow of blood to the brain, and the organizers also make use of the words “repattern” and “integrate” in that context, through making young people indulge in basic movements like crawling and yawning.

Brain Gym

Core Supporting Ideas

The set of exercises are based on achieving certain aims based on the learning needs of the brain, and science claims to be important to improving function.

One of these is the use of psychomotor patterning, which suggests that sensory skills have an optimum order of being acquired, the ignorance of which may cause learning deficits.

The Brain Gym program reintroduces these skills in the correct order, asserting that older children may be able to go back to these exercises to make the repatterning happen.

Another key idea is integrating the parts of the brain with each other, so that the emotions of skills those parts are responsible for are enhanced and better incorporated.

For instance, there are exercises part of the initiative that the organization claims will improve collaboration between the upper and lower parts for better integration of emotion and thought.


Brain Gym in Dubai - EDU Blox uses 26 movements part of the Brain Gym program, all of which are geared towards reintroducing movements performed by a child during the earlier years.

The specialists that put together the program sought to use understandings of the relationship between cognition, learning and movement to improve brain functions such as alertness, memory, physical coordination, organization, and academic tasks including reading and writing.