What are Airport Car Rentals?

Once you arrive at Dubai airport, you do not have to be stranded, especially if it is your first time. There are branches of different rental car providers where you can hire a car to take you to your destination. Most of these providers are usually open for 24 hours. Some require you to have booked online before arrival then you come to sort out the basics on arrival.

These cars hire companies are normally situated at different terminals all over the airport in order to access as many tourists or locals coming back in as possible. You can only be able to connect with the city more if you are comfortable from your long flight. It is only then that you can fully internalize the many possibilities waiting for you. Just make sure you have identified the ideal rental beforehand. Then you will be able to locate them easily. Shoot them an email if you can.

Are Airport Rentals Expensive?

Airport Car Rental in Dubai

First of all, it is important to note that the hiring cost depends on the type of car being rented. The prices are usually as low as 85 AED a day. Just because the vehicles are taken at the airport does not mean that they get expensive, the price remains the same as with other regular processes of getting a rental car. Airport car rental in Dubai is usually just a way of making those people coming into the city to feel welcome.

Is there any difference between a Rental & a Taxi?

No. Rental cars and taxis are two different things. Normally, we are used to people arriving at the airport and hailing a taxi to take them home. It has always been an easier and much faster way. However, when you are in a foreign country where you know nowhere and nobody, it is necessary to have a consistent way of going around to avoid getting lost. Therefore, a taxi will take you home and leave and chances of ever seeing that taxi again are quite slim. On the other hand, a rental car is basically yours to use anytime and anywhere you want. You will also be saving money. The taxi fares in Dubai can be quite high. Especially for first-time visitors. This is because some unscrupulous taxi operators take advantage of the fact that you have not been to Dubai before to overcharge you. But a car rental’s price remains the same whether you are new to Dubai or not.

Car Rental in Airports Dubai

Do not be intimidated by Dubai. In fact, there are several affordable services including rental cars. Dubai has a lot of untapped adventures that you should not be missing out on. So why are you not in Dubai yet? This city will help you reconnect with yourself and the world. If you cannot afford it now, then it’s about time you got yourself a piggy bank. Get the money to exploit this beautiful city. Take yourself to enjoy a beautiful but different way of life. You have no idea what you are missing.