Tyre Car Tips for Your Seasonal Tyres

When it comes to seasonal tyres, their storage before and after their use is essential. Maintenance is a very basic step to ensure a greater life span even for your Pirelli tyres Dubai and thus more summers of adventures traveling in your car. If you don’t have seasonal tires yet, buy them from your car servicing workshop or give online tire shopping a try. Online tire shopping is comparatively cheaper and there is a broad variety of options to choose from. Here are some tips to refer to when dealing with your seasonal tire set:

Check Tire Pressure

Store your seasonal tires fully inflated. Properly inflated tires help maintain the round shape of the tire when it’s on the shelf. This way the tires don’t have flat spots which later hinder your driving experience when you get the seasonal tires fitted and ready for use.

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Clean Your Tires

Tires are made of complex synthetic rubber materials. You cannot just clean them with water, wipe them with a cloth and bag them up for storage. When storing tires, they may dry up and start cracking in places. Clean your tires with a tire cleaner and wipe them off with a dry cloth. Before putting them into storage, spray them with a silicon-based spray called tire dressing. This will soak into the rubber and prevent any dryness or cracking when in storage.

Pack It Properly

When you are ready to store the tires back in your garage or basement, pack them up properly. After your tires are clean, bag each of them up in a large lawn bag and seal the bag with tape.

Stack Them Horizontally

When storing your seasonal tyres, stack them one above the other, horizontally. Don’t leave them standing up. That causes flat spots and causes them to roll around and fall.

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Label Your Tires

After you have bagged each tire, label the bag to understand what position the tire is from. For example, front left (FL), rear right (RR), etc. this makes it easy for the next time you are going to use the tires. You can effortlessly attach the tires to their assigned places.

Check Them Thoroughly

This tip is important before and after the use of your seasonal tires Dubai. Check the treads and sidewalls of each and every tyre for minor deformities, wear, and any other damage. We recommend you check for damages a few weeks prior to summer. In case there is damage, you’ll have to arrange for a replacement. Refer to this source to buy a high-quality yet affordable summer tire set.