Tips to Save Money on Your Rental Cars

So, you are planning to visit New Orleans, and what comes to your mind is saving on rental cars? You are not lost. The prices of rental vehicles keep fluctuating daily, and you might miss out on the best bargain if you are not keen. You can save more than $100 a week if you visit our website regularly to check the prices and offers available.

Whether you will take a car immediately at the airport or at the local rental car offices, you can always save a buck or two. Here are some ideas which cut help you to cut on the cost of a rental car in New Orleans.

Manage Your Time

Louisiana has a lot of amazing destinations that can take you away. That is why you need a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Every day you spend with a rental car beyond your booked time may call for higher rates. That is why you should book early and honor the agreement with the car lending company. In case you feel you want to spend more days in New Orleans, you should inform the company well in advance.

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Choose the Most Favorable Fuel Policy

You can pay dearly for failing to honor the fuel policy as per agreement. The most common terms are full to full, full to empty, and pay for what you use. Full to full fuel policy means you will get the car when the fuel tank is full. It is not the best policy when you want to use the vehicle only for a few hours. Neither is full to empty suitable for short distances. The best system is paying for what you use if the fuel rates are within a considerable price.

Drive Along the Paved Roads

You may incur extra costs when off-roading. Therefore, if possible, try and stay on the paved roads. It is understandable to charge more on rough roads due to the risk of depreciation and even accidents. You should understand any terms that specify the condition of the roads you should use. However, you can always pay extra for your off-track adventure. Driving on unpaved roads will also void some insurance cover like a collision waiver.

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Use Coupons and Discounts

Peak seasons are known for hiked prices, but they are also the easiest to get a coupon or discount. Visit a car rental agency such as the Nola Rent A Car to avail amazing discounts and peak season coupons to help you cut on your rental car costs. That is why you should make an early booking and visit our website to enjoy our subsidized prices. Apart from that, you can get loyalty, military, senior, or AAA discounts depending on your qualifications.

Rent Longer

It might be sensible to say that the fewer days you rent, the lower the cost. However, in this case, the higher the number of days you hire a car, the lower the price. That means weekly rates are lower than cumulative daily rates for seven days. Therefore, you should consider using weekly rates to daily charges if you are planning an extended stay in New Orleans.