Things You Need for A Long-Distance Road Trip

The gorgeous landscapes of Dubai make for one almighty road trip. From lofty mountain ranges to pristine ocean views, there’s an abundance of natural wonder to behold. This weekend, it’s time to escape the grind of city life and traverse the stunning countryside. For a city as opulent as Dubai, it’s only fitting that you travel in style. And the best way to see this world-famous destination is behind the wheel of a luxury car. Before you go and rent a Porsche or rent a Maserati, here are some things that will guarantee your journey is a truly memorable adventure:


It seems like a given, but in a place as sun-drenched as Dubai, it’s essential that you pack in the sunglasses (maybe even a few pairs) for your next long-distance road trip. A quality pair of UV-resistant sunglasses will protect your eyes and allow you to take in the beauty of an ever-changing landscape.

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Audio Choices

What’s a road trip without an appropriately-themed soundtrack to sing along to! Be sure to download your playlists in advance so that you have a continuous stream of classic anthems to sing out loud too. As well as music, you can listen to your favourite audiobooks and podcasts.

Car Fluids

Before you embark on your road trip, make sure that your car fluids are topped up and in working order. The list of items includes engine oil, gas and of course, water. In a city as hot as Dubai, you don’t want your car overheating on a lonely road. Be sure to have containers of oil, gas and water stored safely in your car during your trip.

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Paper Maps & Screenshots on Your Phone

Yes, it’s true that pretty much no one uses traditional maps anymore! But on long road trips, you’ve got to plan for situations where you might lose service on your phone. By packing a map and taking screenshots of your route in advance, you’ll cover for those pesky times when your phone goes out of range.

Pillow & Blanket

You might already have accommodation booked, but if you find yourself getting overly tired on a long-distance road trip, then it’s important that you pull over and try and get some shut eye. A quick power nap will have you rejuvenated and better equipped to safely continue your journey.