The Difference Between Montessori and Nursery

Montessori education has always been questionable to a lot of parents. The question arises “why is Montessori different for your child?" Truly, the response to that question is tremendous! Canadian Montessori Centre has organized a few of the key differences you can see in between nurseries in Dubai and Montessori learning.

Active and Passive

Teacher for preschool educationWe provide hands-on and productive experience, Montessori lessons are highly beneficial for your little ones. We help the kids to discover information for themselves. Whereas traditional learning tends to be addressed to students who hear passively, memorize the lesson, and take the test.

The Educators' Role

Montessori teachers become consultants to kids on a one-on-one basis. Traditionally, the tempo and order of every lesson are predetermined. The tutor must deliver the same lessons, in the same order, for every student.

Give Your Kid Time

Inside the Montessori class, children focus on lessons, and interruptions are prevented. Time restrictions are required by arbitrary schedules in traditional classrooms.

Age Ranges and Grade-Levels

In Montessori institutions, "grade levels" are versatile and dependant on the child's developmental range, i.e., 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-15, and 15-18 years. In traditional settings, grade levels aren't flexible.

Adaptable Curricula

Traditional curricula are fixed without respect to the students' needs. Montessori curricula extend in response to the needs of a specific student.


The average child's work rate is honored and motivated in the Montessori class. Traditional classrooms expect all kids to complete their work and learn at the same speed.

Self-Esteem Which Is Self-Made

Montessorians recognize that the child's self-esteem originates from an interior sense of delight in his or her own achievements. In traditional classrooms, self-esteem is considered to come from exterior validation and judgment.

For the Love of Learning

Adaptable curriculaThe curricula of Montessori are designed to charm the child's innate desire for knowledge. Traditional curricula give attention to standardized test performance and levels. Children learn since it is mandatory.

Every parent hopes to see their kids become the best among others. We offer a wholesome and growing environment to your little kids so their brains show the real colors. We provide them with free space and engaging facilities that help them feel relax and enjoy learning. Kids should never be put under any sort of pressure by their instructors and teachers. Admissions are wide open only annually. An effective academic program is released online, therefore, the parents are always alert to the activities going on in our school. We have a calendar year that is split into three parts. First-term carries a winter camp where tremendous activities are provided to help your child grow mentally and physically. These are always placed in a set of learning through curriculum activities. In the second term, spring camp is sorted out for little kids. These are kept occupied in interesting academics to sharpen their skills and improve their brain capabilities. The third term has a summertime camp where the most fun activities are organized by the experts and teachers. Every child inside our premises gets equivalent attention and it is cured lovingly.