Morning, Twilight or Night-Time Buggy Tours: Which One Should I Choose?

Dune buggies are designed with outstanding features which make the machines suitable for desert recreations and wildest environments at any time of the day.

Morning Buggy Tour

Beyond reasonable doubt, experience in any of these periods is outstanding, but it is quite necessary to choose one. Out of the three periods of the day, which one would be the most suitable for you. Reading through the RedDXB website should help answer your queries.

Morning vs Twilight vs Night-Times Buggy Safaris

Morning buggy tours give you the serenity and environmental beauty you will not have experienced as a tourist. Over the years, tourists prefer morning buggy tours based on the fact that the level of sunlight will be much lower, and all will be calm.

Twilight buggy tours are also incredible because the twilight atmosphere adds up to the experience of the desert giving a person the absolute feel of fun and exploration. The atmosphere is always calm and serene; there are less dust and a clear view. Besides, it has a romantic feel meant for couple explorers.

Night time buggy in most cases aren’t typical, but it definitely is fun. During the tour, enough light will be provided to aid vision. The overall experience when it comes to a night-time buggy is outstanding.

Benefits of Morning Buggy Tours

Countless tourists enjoy the challenging foggy atmosphere, which is a rare occurrence in Dubai. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to drive a Dune Buggy on the gorgeous sands in the mild gale of the morning. It is calming because you encounter lesser dust and breathing in the environment is relaxed, plus overall morning fun. You get to eat your breakfast with other tourists while sharing views and experiences about the tour.

Benefits of Twilight Buggy Tours

This period between daylight and darkness is engulfed in the bask of romance and the period when the brain is at its sharpest. Taking a tour during this period is fantastic for couples too based on the fact that you get to see the beginning of the day of every species inclusive in the region. Twilight buggy tour gives you an outstanding experience in a remote area.

Benefits of Night Buggy Tours

The glowing lights fastened to the buggies are a fantastic sight at night. The headlights rail brightly ahead of the buggy, making it as enjoyable as a daytime buggy ride.

Night Buggy Tour


Taking tours in either period gives you outstanding experience either way. In recent years, tourists tend to experience the three buggy tour and leave positive reviews about their experience in the region.