Carpool in UAE and Why You Should Avoid It?

In the days gone by, licensed taxis can go for carpooling but now carpooling through private vehicles and also for licensed taxis in the country has become illegal and you might end up paying a huge amount as fine for the offence. It is done to reduce the usage of the vehicle by the unauthorized driver due to which the risk of driving increases. 

Why People Prefer Carpooling?

People who cannot afford to book a rented car opt for a car pooling which helps to reach their preferred destination in a short time and without spending too much. As, this system is less expensive and also quick, so low income groups usually prefers carpooling which also helps them to beat the heat. 

While travelling to office, people try to prefer carpooling with colleagues, so that they can reach the office on time. It’s a great feature as well as it reduces the pollution level as well. But since the permit has been cancelled by the country know, so nobody is able to avail the service.

Dubai Car Hire


As carpooling is illegal in the country, if you get caught in carpooling than you can get your car renting service cancelled. There are many car rental companies in the country which has been banned due to carpooling. Once your service gets banned, you will not be able to use the service. You are eligible to use it only till the date the service has been issued earlier and not after that. 

So, it’s better if you do not use the carpooling services as it might land you to unnecessary problems which no one wishes to face. It’s better to take public transport or hire a rented car. May be the expenses will be a little higher but with this you are not breaking any law of the country. So, Dubai car hire cheap is the best option that is available in the city to enjoy your rides on the streets of Dubai. If you are still using this service, then be ready to pay a huge fine if you get caught. 

Carpooling may not be preferred by everyone. But there are still many people who use carpooling. Be careful, as you need to bear the consequences also. While choosing the option of carpooling, you should be careful about the laws and principles. You might end up paying an amount unnecessarily which might be quite higher than the amount that you might have paid while hiring a rented car. So, it’s better to drive a rented car or use public transport rather than violating the law of the country.