How to Drive in an Eco-Friendly Manner with Your Rental Car

With global warming on the rise and the world making efforts to become as green as possible, what is the eco-friendliest way to drive a rental car? Public transport while on vacation can be frustrating leaving you with little option but to rent a car. If you are going to be driving on your own but still want to do your part for the environment, then have a look at some of the tips we have for eco-friendly driving. You can find cheap car rentals for your vacation in Dubai. Various car rentals allow you to access the very best deals in the UAE.

Drive a Rental Car

Pump Your Tires

It all starts with choosing the most efficient vehicle to rent; if you are going to be traveling on your own, you do not need to rent a large vehicle. Make sure that your tires are pumped to the correct capacity and are not too soft. Tires that are not the correct pressure will harm your vehicle performance and use more fuel.

Plan Your Trips

Getting lost can be a large waste of fuel and time. You can ensure a more efficient trip by planning where you want to go and the most efficient route to get there. Most smartphones have map or GPS options so familiarize yourself with your surroundings to make sure that you do not get lost along the way. If you want to visit multiple destinations, you should also visit them in the most logical order to prevent double driving.

Travel Light

When going on vacation, we know that it is difficult to resist packing everything that you need. But there is no such thing as being over-prepared and at this point, you are just adding extra weight to the vehicle for no reason. Go through your luggage and ask yourself if you need each item. If not, unpack it. A tank of fuel goes a lot further if the vehicle is not over-encumbered.

Drive the Right Way

You can prepare your vehicle as best as possible but if you are driving inefficiently then all the preparations will be in vain. While you are driving avoid traveling at high speeds and always drive in the highest gear possible. The higher the gear, the lower the revs of the vehicle and the more fuel you will save. It is also best to avoid idling when idling you are going nowhere and simply wasting fuel. Where possible avoid highly congested areas to reduce your idle time as best possible.

Cruise Control in Car

Cruise Control

When you have a monthly car rental offers, it is best to read the vehicle manual to learn how to use the cruise control if the vehicle comes equipped with it. Not only does this offer more comfortable driving on a long highway but maintaining a constant speed can save fuel. The less fuel you use from the rental car, the less you will need to top up before returning it.